The Most Organized Purse Ever

A few years ago my mom put a Kangaroo Keeper in my Christmas stocking, yes I know, completely cheesy and nuts. If you all could only know my sweet mom, she is the best, but her Christmas stocking gifts are a little nuts sometimes. Oftentimes, Santa accidentally places items in the wrong stocking, so I am opening men’s deodorant and my husband gets a fun headband. It is actually quite funny.

I had completely forgotten about this crazy little Kangaroo Keeper until my husband and I were preparing our home for the big move. Let me just tell you about this little gem. If you change purses all the time it is a lifesaver. Not only does it cut back on your purse organization time but it keeps things in their place. I LOVE IT!

So if your bag a bottomless pit, where you can never find what you want and changing handbags just a huge hassle then you need the Kangaroo Keeper!

The incredible bag insert that holds over 70 items and keeps them neat and secure. There’s a place for everything, and everything has its place so it’s all right at your fingertips. 

Kangaroo Keeper transforms even the most cluttered bag into a super organized bag instantly! Now, you’ll always find what you need in a flash.

Changing purses takes forever, and you always leave something behind. With Kangaroo Keeper you keep it all with you, and switching bags to match an outfit is a breeze.

No more digging and dumping, Kangaroo Keeper has a spot for all your essentials. Makeup, sunglasses, coupons and cards; there’s even a place for your beverages, and your umbrella; leaving the center free for your larger items.

I guess the old saying runs true, our moms are the ones that know us best!


4 comments to The Most Organized Purse Ever

  • Laura K

    i was in awe when i saw the tv advertisement for the Kangaroo Keeper- but my more sensible side kicked in when i thought to purchase it– “do i really NEED this?” After reading your blog for the first time (your sweet mom told me about it at the Royals game this past wednesday), i realize now i must have this ingenious keeper! thank you, thank you!

  • Ashley


    I am so glad you love the blog.Thank you for reading! The Kangaroo Keeper is cheesy but it is awesome, especially for the gal who loves to change her purse a few times a week!
    Keep reading, keep sharing!


  • Every girl has a messy purse right and this invention works just fine I absolutely love the kangaroo keeper now my only problem is ill have to buy more purses !!

  • emily

    I REALLY WANT ONE NOW! So I don’t want to buy online and wait forever, lol. Where can I find one in Omaha, NE?

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