Is that a Dickie? No Chickies

Seriously, what will they come up with next? What an incredible idea by a fellow Texan. Best of all Oprah thinks it’s an incredible idea too!

Chickies were invented by Marla Mason Ross, a third generation owner of Adelante Boutique, in San Antonio, Texas. When her customers kept asking, “What do I wear under this?” she thought, “Hmmm,” and the wheels began to turn. She wanted to create a garment that looked just like a tank, but was more comfortable.

She designed this “fake tank” to snap around any bra strap, eliminating the extra layer and the straps of a regular camisole. A year and a half of trial and error later, Chickies were born.

Chickies made their debut on February 28, 2008 on SA Living. Afterward, the phone rang off the hook as women from all over south Texas called to place orders. “It’s a brilliant idea,” they told her since “it’s too hot in summer to wear one shirt much less two!” Her family and friends thought so, too, and encouraged her to push on through the million details of bringing a new product to market.

Marla named the new company after her two daughters, Julia and Megan. Just as Marla’s grandparents inspired her through their hard work and creativity to go for her dreams, Marla hopes Juls and Meg will be inspired to go for theirs!


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