The Biscuit

If you have not heard about this adorable shop in Houston, let me just tell you…Biscuit is the Bomb!

Biscuit Home is the dream of Houstonian, Bailey McCarthy, made real with the help of textile designer Isabel Wilson and marketing director Christina Ducruet. Bailey began her decorating business in 2011 based off of the success of her popular life-style blog, Peppermint Bliss (If you have not read her blog you need to start now, she is hilarious and has the best style). In her work with clients Bailey recognized a hole in the marketplace for quality printed bedding at a reasonable price point. Biscuit was born as a brand that would fill this space by designing, manufacturing, and selling luxury bedding with fun designer prints.

Biscuit’s retail location opened in October 2012 at the historic Avalon Center in Houston’s Upper Kirby District. The boutique is a further extension of the Biscuit brand and design philosophy, selling its eponymous bedding line as well as complementary furniture, home accessories, and art. Biscuit also offers decorating consultation services to further assist clients wishing to brighten up their homes – yes please, Bailey you can come to my casa anytime…

I stopped by the store this weekend and could not get enough of the incredible bedding and unique gift ideas -  bedding and trays, galore. In my opinion, the quality of the bedding and items in the store are amazing. She gets two thumbs up from this product snob for originality and execution.

So after all this do you have to ask why “Biscuit”?

“Biscuit” is an affectionate term for one’s bed. Like an edible biscuit, your bed should always be super fluffy and a bit crisp. An essential balance of crispy sheets and a fluffy overall situation makes for a most buttery, and ideal, Biscuit. In our eyes, your whole home should receive the same thoughtful treatment and we aim to bring you the best butter out there with our bedding, furniture, art and accessories.

If you live in Houston, pop by, it’s such an adorable place.


Super Sunglasses – Thierry Lasry

Sunglasses are not my thing, I buy a new pair about every 4 years. It’s surprising given that my eyes are so light, but I am part of the 4% of America that cannot wear polarized sunglasses, so, I choose to spend my allowance elsewhere.

Well, Thierry Lasry has changed my tune on sunglasses. He has been around since 2006, but I was introduced to this brand a few months ago – needless to say I immediately started saving for a pair.

With a father optician and a mother designer, eye-wear was obviously destined for this french designer. Futuristic vintage is the look of Thierry Lasry.

Thierry gets his inspirations from vintage designs and materials but incorporates an updated modern and avant-gardiste touch to those. Entirely hand-made in France with the best craftsmanship techniques and traditional know-how, the sunglasses only use acetates coming from the old Italian house Mazzucchelli. No over-sized logos appear on the temples – creativity and quality serve the trademark of the brand. The brand style extends to the frames names since they all end up with a « y », mimicking his name and last name like «pimpy », « vulgary », « porny », « exhiby », “attracty », « hooky » or « obsessy ». My favorite, « lively ».

Start saving, they are worth it.



I recently fell in love with these reusable glass water bottles by bkr.

Owners, Tal and Kate are friends who share the belief that beauty can inspire real change. They created bkr with the inspiration of everything they love in life — modern art, sky-high boots, design in Tokyo, Italian furniture, Parisian street chic, the perfect t-shirt, the not-so-heavy, the small, the pretty, the cool, the calm, the bright, the MoMA, soft white sheets, room service and everything translucent and clean. But most of all because they believe green products should be creative and beautiful. They drew on their love of modern art and minimalism to create a bottle that you’ll want to carry. bkr is a statement against a disposable world, against transporting water between continents, and against the chemicals we ingest when we base our decisions on convenience.


  • 500mL (16 oz)
  • Glass bottle + silicone sleeve
  • Food grade polypropylene cap + silicone gasket
  • FDA approved
  • BPA-free
  • BPA replacement free
  • Phthalate free
  • Small one-inch opening for no-spill sipping
  • Fits most cup holders – 3.18 inches wide, 7.88 inches tall
  • Doesn’t leak, lightweight
  • 100% reusable + recyclable
  • A portion of proceeds benefit the Obakki and Canary Foundations
  • $28


Longest Lashes – Chantecaille

I have died and gone to mascara heaven. Typically, I buy the $7 drug store special, convinced that I had tried all the expensive brands and nothing worked as well as the purple tube of Maybelline, I took one last chance on an expensive brand. OM MY GOODNESS, Chantecaille is my new guilty pleasure!

Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara by Chantecaille is the the newest lash-growth peptide technology. Say goodbye to your monthly spend of $100+ on Latisse and say hello to this wonder.

Immediate volume is achieved by a special combination of natural waxes. It has a unique peptide that stimulates keratin genes and encourages stronger and longer lashes, without discoloration or irritation. The tube contains ultra conditioning rosewater for a luxurious and healing experience, and a full bristle amplifying brush will make your lashes look instantly longer and fuller!

After two weeks of daily use Sympeptide17 helps stimulate lash growth by 25 percent. The formula features the non-clumping, double helix brush to comb and feather lashes for defined volume. I tried it and I will go hungry to use this amazing product.


Amore Pacific – Amazing

It all began 5,000 years ago when Asian botanicals such as Green Tea, Bamboo and Red Ginseng were recognized for their extraordinary health benefits. Founder, Sung-Whan Suh, believed in the power of these ingredients and the benefits they can bring to skin health. He began his life long journey of growing and cultivating the fields on the magnificent Jeju Island off the coast of Korea, where he believed was an optimal environment for growing the most powerful and potent Green Tea, which later was to be used in skincare formulas.

The only cosmetics company in the world to grow and harvest its own Green Tea, AmorePacifc’s very own Green Tea Gardens are grown on the magnificent JeJu Island known for its volcanic mineral rich soil.
Here, vital parts of the green tea plant are meticulously harvested and handpicked at the peak of their optimal potency, at specific times of the day and year, to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

Today, AmorePacific utilizes this wisdom by channeling these ingredients into luxurious, high-performance skincare formulas with proven results.  Holding over 140 global patents in green tea and skin related technology we fuse cutting edge formulations with age old tradition of Asian botanicals to bring our customers their supreme benefits.

I recently purchased the CC Cushion Compact and it has changed my outlook on makeup and foundation.

PROTECTION – Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ protects against both harmful UVA and UVB rays.
– Dynamic Fluid Capture System Technology transforms liquid into a refined emulsion. Non-absorbing ruby-cell puff applicator cools and soothes the skin.
COVERAGE – The Exclusive Long-Lasting Complex™ proprietary skin technology fills micro lines and ensures color builds into fine even layers.
BRIGHTENING – Green Tea Treatment Complex™ brightens and prevents skin irritation while providing superior antioxidant protection.
HYDRATION – Hydrating Bamboo Sap Formula replaces traditional water in oil base for deep moisture.

At $60.00 for a 4 month supply it is worth the spend!


21 Little Things I Have Learned Along the Way

Most of the time this blog is about great products, but you can tell that I hardly post anymore, mainly because I am completely preoccupied with work – the real paying gig that I have AND keeping our new home in tip top shape. God only knows if I pop a kid into the mix what would happen…hello crazy. I rarely write about work, but I had authored 21 Little Things I Have Learned Along the Way  a while back and wanted to share with all the career newbies out there and use as a gentle reminder for those of us who have been working for a while. So here it is…enjoy!

  1. The Small Projects—Over your career you will have plenty of big projects, the ones that are high profile, the ones that cost a lot of money, the ones that get you applause, and  the ones that make you feel extra special when they are done. But, trust me on this, the small projects are the ones that will bite you, the ones that can be the most problematic and the ones that require the most attention. So it is important to pay attention to every little detail on both the big and the small projects – treat them equally.
  2. Mistakes—Let’s be honest, you are going to make mistakes, we all do, we make them all the time. The key to mistakes is to own them, raise your hand to say “it was my fault”, take the blame, apologize if you need to, learn from them and then move on. Dwelling on mistakes hurts you and the team you are working with.
  3. Gossip—Bottom line, don’t engage. Being the last to know anything going on at your place of business sometimes is not the worst thing. Gossip can get you into trouble and hurt your image.
  4. Journal—Keeping a daily journal will help you blow off steam. It also helps you to go back and remind yourself how far you have come as a professional, and to remind you of the tough decisions you have had to make. Sometimes consistency is nice.
  5.  Your Gut—Typically your gut is always right. Make decisions from your gut, but know that your heart will try and wrestle with your gut, so learn to stay strong. You do not need to make decisions quickly, just rationally. It is okay to sleep on your gut…for several nights if you have to.
  6. Mentoring—Consider finding a mentor; not a family member or friend or boss for that matter, but someone in your same field of business, someone older, wiser that has been down your path. Someone with a level head that you respect. Let them know you want them to be your mentor. They can help guide you when things get tough…trust me, things will get tough and you will want to talk to someone who has been in a similar situation.
  7. Celebrate Success—Celebrate the success of others;  projects, promotions, the whole nine yards. Everyone has their day in the career spotlight. You will have your day and you will want a big group behind you cheering.
  8. Friends—Believe it or not, no matter what you do for a career, you will end up spending more time with your colleagues than family. It’s just how it goes, work days have gotten longer and harder. They always say to keep work and personal life separate, but the reality is much different. The friendships you will make along the way can be priceless. You often find some of the people you will trust the most in life as you travel along your career path.
  9. Luck—Luck is not something that just happens, the lottery is probably the only exception. Prepared is a better word. People who work hard and are prepared sometimes are miss-characterized as being lucky.
  10. Pick Your Battles—Trust me on this, a battle will take a lot out of you. The worst part, sometimes you lose. A battle could be what you are remembered for, so select a battle with caution and care. It’s not worth it to battle over everything.
  11. Saving Lives—Unless you become a doctor, nurse or firefighter, just remember one thing, you are not saving the life of a baby. Work is work, if you are not waiting on a heart to arrive for a transplant it is not worth getting worked up about; stay calm and move swiftly.
  12. People—It’s always good to find the good in everyone but the fact remains that some people are just strange – bottom line, strange; sometimes I am strange. Additionally, at some point you will work on a team with a bad egg. Trust me on this, they work themselves out. It might take longer than you want but eventually the bad eggs always start to stink and crack themselves.
  13. Leadership—In order to be a great leader you can never really follow, know your place and lead when and where you can, people will recognize and embrace your skills – leadership is born not made.
  14. Support your Boss—You are going to have bosses you love and bosses you don’t love. It’s a fact really. The big take away from this is that they are your boss. Your job is to support them all the time, even when they make business decisions and policies you don’t agree with. When you are the boss you will want the same respect.
  15. Entitlement—No one owes you anything. You actions and hard work will define your destiny.
  16. Good Days and Bad Days—If you go in knowing that for every bad day you have you will have an equal amount or more of the good days then things will be a lot easier. Promise.
  17. The Cards—No one really cares about the cards you have been dealt. They are looking to see how you are going to play the cards. Reaction is everything. Always keep your game face on.
  18. Love Your Career—Pick a career/job that you love, if you do that you will excel.
  19. Politics—It does not matter where you work or what you do, there will be office politics. They suck. Everyone hates them, but in order to be successful you have to suck it up and play the game. Simple as that.
  20. Paying Your Dues—Many think that “paying your dues” is something you do the first few years of your career. Not the case, every minute of every day in your career you are paying your dues. Respect is earned and once you have it’s a lot harder to keep.
  21. Stationery—Every gal deserves a suite of beautiful stationery. People like to hear from you the old fashioned way, stop and take a minute to send a letter; it is a simple way to make someone feel good.

Spoken by a worn out Marketing Director who secretly wants to design wedding dresses!